Saturday, 30 March 2013

how very

I watched Heathers for the first time on thursday, if you haven't seen the film here is a brief summary; whilst trying survive high school Veronica befriends the most popular girls in her school, The Heathers, even though she totally hates them. When she meets JD, a 'super cool' rebel type, she ends up accidentally killing her best friends who are also her enemies and covering them up as suicides. 

When watching the film I remembered how much I want to be Winona Ryder and realised how cool the outfits they wear are, so here are my favourites in the form of low quality screen caps:

colour coordinated nails, scrunchie and swatch

love the blazers with dresses and i want heather duke's
green ensemble (right)

i like the way the pattern of her jacket matches the blouse
plus i love the broach on the collar

can't really see but cute checkered collar

hair + makeup + earrings + collar = perfect

ugh more perfect shirt and jacket combos 

so geeky but so cute; i like the pale pink cardigan

white ankle socks with pumps, in love

red lips, an off the shoulder sweater and a pinafore style dress
complete with slushie

i love veronica (left) and heather's (right) hair

silky pink dressing gown which matches her bedroom decor

'oh no i just killed my bestfriend... at least i look super cool in
this oversized waistcoat'

cool glasses and winona still looks amazing in just
a black top

heather duke in cute blouse and pinafore, something i
would definitely wear

bowler hat <3 stripey shirt <3

lace crop top with high waisted skirt perfection

i love the contrast between the black shirt and white buttons

love the colour of the jacket, the print of the scarf and
she was wearing cute brown ankle boots but i
couldn't  get a clear screenshot

a kimono is on my to buy list

i'm not sure if heather's (far right) outfit is a playsuit or
just matching shorts and blouse but i love it

I wish I could own all these clothes, my life would be complete if I did but until then I will
be trawling through ebay and charity shops to find similar items :-)

Which character's style do you like best?


  1. I looooove Heathers! I introduced like 8 of my friends to it last weekend and now we call everyone who annoys us a 'pillowcase'. Everyone was immediately drawn to Heather Duke's outfit in the opening scene

  2. I haven't actually seen this film butI've heard loads about it and now I'm dying to see it :)
    Follow each other? :D
    Aoife xx

    1. It is really good, you can watch it here

  3. I had never heard of this film but it looks fun! I'll watch it today! Great clothes - when are people going to start dressing like that again? And the hairstyles, oh my god, the hairstyles! =D

  4. I've never seen or heard of it but now I definitely want to, the fashion is awesome! xx

    1. I really love it, I am going to take inspiration from the outfits for what I wear everyday :-)

      You can watch it here