Sunday, 21 April 2013

holiday snaps and hairspray

Ever since I first saw Hairspray I fell in love with everything about it; the outfits, the hair, the makeup and the music (and Zac Efron). Yesterday I went to see the stage show of Hairspray at the Mayflower in Southampton and was absolutely blown away by how amazing it was, it definitely exceeded my expectations. The cast included a few "famous" people like Mark Benton, the maths teacher in Waterloo Road, as Edna Turnblad, Lucy Benjamin, I think she was in Eastenders, as Velma Von Tussle and Marcus Collins, from the X Factor, as Seaweed; who were all amazing and I was lucky enough to meet Marcus Collins and Lucy Benjamin after the show. If the tour is going near where you live you should buy tickets, you will have so much fun! I also got one of the films I took on my holiday developed, here are some of the photographs, apologies for my poor scanning and cropping skills.

harbour in weymouth

corfe castle

i went to this amazing shop with loads of vintage clothes, ornaments, furniture and vinyl

another vintage shop in dorchester called custard hall, they had a really nice pair of docs but there were the size too big and loads of amazing clothes i couldn't buy

sand sculptures from sandworld in weymouth


Saturday, 6 April 2013


EASTER HOLIDAYS YEAH! I had a busy start to my holidays because my family came down to the island, which meant I got to see my super cute cousins.  We had a fun few days; we went to blackgang chine, the zoo, the beach and still had time to fit in nail painting and dancing around to Lady Gaga and Katy Perry (my six year old cousins faves)!  On Wednesday I met up with some of my friends who I have hardly seen since moving sixth forms and it was really nice to catch up; we saw The Host, not the greatest but Max Irons is kinda hot lol.  I was planning on making a post everyday this week but that hasn't happened so sorry x x

I got a new necklace from lovefrommisbehave ; it is totally awesome
and they have loads of great items.

I mentioned in a previous post about sending 'care packages' to anyone who wanted one and I finally managed to get around to sending them to Catrin and Zoe, these are some of the items I made and put in the packages. I found it quite hard to decide what to put it because I kept seeing things and then realizing if I bought everything I would be extremely poor, so I rediscovered my Super Badge It and made some jewellery :-) Catrin sent me this really awesome badge and a bracelet, a really nice surprise because I love getting post haha.

I probably won't be able to post much this week as I am going on holiday to Weymouth - woo the best place ever (sarcasm). Yeah so I will try and post after and hopefully have some nice photos to share 


Saturday, 30 March 2013

how very

I watched Heathers for the first time on thursday, if you haven't seen the film here is a brief summary; whilst trying survive high school Veronica befriends the most popular girls in her school, The Heathers, even though she totally hates them. When she meets JD, a 'super cool' rebel type, she ends up accidentally killing her best friends who are also her enemies and covering them up as suicides. 

When watching the film I remembered how much I want to be Winona Ryder and realised how cool the outfits they wear are, so here are my favourites in the form of low quality screen caps:

colour coordinated nails, scrunchie and swatch

love the blazers with dresses and i want heather duke's
green ensemble (right)

i like the way the pattern of her jacket matches the blouse
plus i love the broach on the collar

can't really see but cute checkered collar

hair + makeup + earrings + collar = perfect

ugh more perfect shirt and jacket combos 

so geeky but so cute; i like the pale pink cardigan

white ankle socks with pumps, in love

red lips, an off the shoulder sweater and a pinafore style dress
complete with slushie

i love veronica (left) and heather's (right) hair

silky pink dressing gown which matches her bedroom decor

'oh no i just killed my bestfriend... at least i look super cool in
this oversized waistcoat'

cool glasses and winona still looks amazing in just
a black top

heather duke in cute blouse and pinafore, something i
would definitely wear

bowler hat <3 stripey shirt <3

lace crop top with high waisted skirt perfection

i love the contrast between the black shirt and white buttons

love the colour of the jacket, the print of the scarf and
she was wearing cute brown ankle boots but i
couldn't  get a clear screenshot

a kimono is on my to buy list

i'm not sure if heather's (far right) outfit is a playsuit or
just matching shorts and blouse but i love it

I wish I could own all these clothes, my life would be complete if I did but until then I will
be trawling through ebay and charity shops to find similar items :-)

Which character's style do you like best?