Monday, 18 March 2013


Alexa Chung just has the most amazing hair all the time, and I am always in awe of how effortlessly cool she looks. I have searched through many photos of her trying to decide how to get my hair cut (currently have a frizzy mess with a wonky fringe) and I have finally decided to take inspo from her early 2011 look; centre parted, chin length bob. 

nme awards 2011

nme awards 2011


ceremony premiere

(omg in love with that collar)

I have naturally curly hair so 'messy' waves are quite easy to achieve. I am going to stick with a full fringe because I have sentimental value after having  one for almost my whole life. I am not so secretly hoping I miraculously turn into Alexa Chung if I get my hair cut like hers, sigh. Anyway I promise to try and do a decent post soon, well I'll try, cya xxx

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  1. omg yes this is the exact haircut I'm going for too