Friday, 22 February 2013

oodles and doodles

I found loads of art supplies in my parent's wardrobe so I decided to do some painting with acrylics, then I remembered I am rubbish at painting (no idea how I passed art gcse) so I just did my usual biro doodles.

this is really bad
this was meant to be a self portrait but unfortunately i'm not that cute

My zine is coming along okayish but I have a feeling it is going to take me ages to do and in the mean time I want to do something I can share with someone quickly, well not quickly but quicker than my zine. I had the idea of making a package of random things and sending to anyone who wanted one, sort of like a care package but with bracelets, badges and other cute things. So if you want one email me at and then I will send you one :-)

someone just posted this on twitter and i thought i was funny/true

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