Sunday, 27 January 2013

january blues and blogging block

This isn't sounding like a cheery post but I promise not to depress; having January blues has sort of cured my blogging block  as I now have something to post about.

I don't think I have a severe case of the infamous January blues, just a sample. I think this stems from the 2 weeks of procrastination I had over Christmas then the harsh reality of going back to college where you have to work hard and do dreaded coursework (which I should be doing now). The cold weather hasn't helped my mood either, the snow made everything bright and white but then when it melted everywhere went back to grey. I thought I would make another playlist of summery, happy songs to lift everyone's mood in the wintery months; an anti-winter playlist I guess.

Unfortunately all the good photos in my magazines have been cut up to stick on my walls or to decorate diaries so I thought I would make a digital image this time around. I should be doing coursework right now so it isn't the most thought about collage but hopefully next time I can make it better :-). I chose a selection of songs which I usually listen to when I am walking my dog in the cold, to try and convince myself I am in California or somewhere sunny, some of the songs also remind me of festivals I have been to in the summer etc. any way I hope you enjoy this (short) playlist and if you are suffering from the January blues too it can lift you from that state. You can listen to it here 

:-) thanks for reading :-) xx


  1. YEAH january blues!
    you have a great music taste!