Sunday, 6 January 2013

happy birthday alex turner

On this day 27 years ago Alex Turner was born, so what a great excuse to share my four favourite songs of his.

It's Hard to Get Around the Wind
This song is from Alex Turner's solo EP which is
 made of six original tracks for the film Submarine.
 The imagery in this track paired with the soft guitar
 is a pleasure for the ears and mind. 

Cornerstone featured on Arctic Monkeys third album
Humbug, and was the second single released from the
album. The lyrics in this track are by far my favourite
on any other Arctic Monkeys song. The video for this
song is among my favourites, Alex must be one of the
only people that can pull of a red, turtle neck jumper.

R U Mine?
R U Mine was digitally released on in late February
2012 and then released for the Record Store Day 
on a limited edition purple vinyl in April 2012.This
track has more of a rock and roll feel than previous 
Arctic Monkeys tracks, with Alex's voice sounding
'manlier' to compliment his new image. This track
has another brilliant music video, where the band
lip sing and air drum along to the song.

Standing Next to Me
In 2008 Alex Turner and Miles Kane collaborated
with each other to release an album under the name
of The Last Shadow Puppets. The voices of Alex and
Miles perfectly compliment each other to create a
harmonious sound that interweaves with the rhythmic

guitars, which makes me want to dance around my 
bedroom, singing along and always puts me in a good 

Thankyou for reading x

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